Golf nets

Recommended netting

Large polyethylene nets against roll of balls

mesh size/
gauge (thickness)
20x20 / 1,1 mm dark green
22x22 / 0,9 mm transparent
27x27 / 1,5mm černá

The price of large PET nets is reduced according to the amount of material used and the progressive price of PET netting.

Nets are made from polyethylene fibre which is very firm and highly resistant to weather conditions, without shape response to temperature and humidity changes. These nets are lightweight and easy to install.

The warranty for damage of material by UV radiation is 5 years from the date of the invoice issue. Expected lifetime is 10 years or more.

The nets can be damaged by small migrant animals (hares, rabbits...), we therefore recommend protecting the bottom 50 cm of the net with protective fencing (which we also offer).

Special indoor nets made from nylon

Raschel nets are made from polyamide fibre, which is highly resistant to abrasion and is suitable for use on teeing-ground and other exposed places.

strojní – rašlované - polyamid (nylon) PAD
mesh size
10x10 / 1,8 mm PAD green
15x15 / 2 mm PAD green
20x20 / 2,1 mm PAD green

Sítě vám rádi i nainstalujeme. Instalace není v ceně sítě.

Disks for chipping

Circular frames made from stainless steel tubes 28 mm/1.5 mm and white polyamide netting 20 x 20/1.4 mm.

diameter of the frame
190 cm
286 cm
381 cm