Nets for protection of landfills, waste management and container nets

Vertical installation nets

mesh size/
gauge (thickness)
45x45 / 2,5mm dark green
50x50 / 2,5mm transparent
50x50 / 2,5mm dark green

The warranty for damage of material by UV radiation is 5 years from the date of the invoice issue. Expected lifetime is 10 years or more.

Orders above 5000 m2 receive individual quotation.

Protective nets for area landfill cover (horizontal)

mesh size/
gauge (thickness)
100x100 / 2mm dark green
150x150 / 2mm dark green

Protective polyethylene nets made from raschel netting

addition to the nets, against drafts and dust

in green colour and weights of 55g/m2 and 70g/m2

in widths of 150, 250cm and 300cm

machine-made – raschel netting – polyethylene - PET
density (thickness)/
55 g/m2 / 2,5 m PET
55 g/m2 / 3 m PET
70 g/m2 / 1,5 m PET
70 g/m2 / 2,5 m PET
70g/m2 / 3 m PET

We will be happy to install the ordered nets. Installation is not included in the price of the net.

Stated prices are in effect only in case you order a complete roll. If you are interested in a smaller amount, check out our Safety nets on scaffolding, sun shields and fences, menu where you can find complete price list.

Installation material of the nets

Container nets

They are provided with edges reinforced with a rubber rope.

thickness - mater dimensions mesh size
2,5 mm PET 3,5x5m 5x5 cm
2,5 mm PET 3,5x7m 5x5 cm
3 mm PPHF 3,5x5m 5x5 cm
3 mm PPHF 3,5x7m 5x5 cm

Apart from the above mentioned standard dimensions, we also offer customized nets according to requirements.