Protective work equipment, Stock sleeves, Fish sorters

Protective work equipment

Fishing boots - waders
Chest waders
Rubber coat
Rubber apron
Rubber apron - MAXI
Rubber muff – a pair
Rubber working gloves - Petrel
Neoprene working gloves - Argus
Working gloves PVC - warm - Flamingo

Stock sleeve

is a sleeve (4 and 6 m long) with a diameter of 50 cm that is made from rubberised fabric, it contains solid galvanized metal frame for connection to a transport crate (aluminium or iron). With the help of the sleeve it is possible to stock gently all categories of fish to almost any distance to a depth of 50 cm. Parts are very easy to assemble to the desired length. Sleeves can be folded into the fishing tray.

When ordering, it is necessary to specify the type of crate into which the sleeve will be deployed.

length and type
6 m with frame
4 m with frame
6 m extension without frame
4 m extension without frame

Fry sorter – floating (cradle)

floating fry sorter (cradle) is used for size sorting smaller fish to provide future uniformity of stock. The basic set contains 5 pieces of easily changeable grates with spacing 8, 10, 13, 16 and 19 mm. Atypical grates can be also made to order. Inner dimensions of the cradle frame are 47 x 31 cm.

Basic set
Atypical or spare grate

Carp sorting box

it is used for manual sorting of caught fish during pond or hatchery harvesting. Galvanized metal construction (80 x 85 cm) is coated on both sides with rubberised fabric in a dark green colour.

Complete set
Stitching of delivered frame
Tarpaulin to the sorting box

In addition to the complete set, it is also possible to buy a spare tarpaulin or deliver your own frame to which we will stitch a tarpaulin.