Hand-nets (short-handled dip nets), Long-handled dip nets, Spinners – galvanized steel – full

Standard hand-nets and long-handled dip nets with conical sleeve

Long-handled dip net (45 cm)


Ø / mesh size shape
45cm/5x5 / 0,6 mm O or Δ
45cm/10x10 / 1,8 mm O or Δ
45cm/15x15 / 2 mm O or Δ
45cm/20x20 / 2,8 mm O or Δ
45cm/20x20mm ruč. O or Δ
45cm/30x30mm ruč. O or Δ

Small spinner (dip net into the basket)

Ø / mesh size shape
60cm/5x5 / 0,6 mm only Δ
60cm/10x10 / 1,8 mm only Δ
60cm/15x15 / 2 mm only Δ
60cm/20x20 / 2,8 mm only Δ
60cm//35x35mm ruč. only Δ

Big spinner

Ø / mesh size shape
80cm/10x10 / 1,8 mm only Δ
80cm/15x15 / 2 mm only Δ
80cm/20x20 / 2,8 mm only Δ
80cm/35x35mm ruč. only Δ

Hand-nets size Ø 45 are delivered only with drilled frame or with internal frame which is used to tie the net. Other sizes are delivered only with the inner frame.