Tools made of polyamide fabric (uhelon), Balance

Fishing tools made of polyamide fabric (uhelon)

tool type mesh size
cradle 50x100x50 cm 245 μm
cradle 50x100x50 cm 340 μm
cradle 50x150x50 cm 245 μm
cradle 50x150x50 cm 340 μm
Trebon spoon Ø 50 x 30 cm 396 μm
plankton net Ø 40 x 100 cm 245 μm

Hang balance (called prezmeny)

These are used for weighing fish during pond fishing out and reduction of fish stocks. Together with a tripod and a bowl, they are one of the essential parts of fishing equipment. Capacity limits of the balance are 1 to 150 kg.

balance - prezmen 1-150 kg
tripod - stainless steel
measuring bowl – duralumin

Balance (ohnoutka - prezmen)

These are galvanized steel circles with a diameter of 45 cm, provided with a handle and massive network strings with mesh size 10 x 10 mm. Capacity limits of the balance are 0 to 60 kg. They are used for weighing small quantities of fish.

balance- prezmen 0 - 60 kg
laced balance - ohnoutka