Protective nets

Nets against pigeons

Totally non-absorbent area nets, very firm, exceptionally resistant to rain, sunlight, wind and frost, without shape response to temperature and humidity changes (shrinkage etc.). Nets are lightweight and easy to install.

High level of resistance to UV radiation.

Circumferential ropes are included in the price. In case of large area, auxiliary carrying ropes may be delivered on agreement.

mesh size/
gauge (thickness)
12x12 / 0,7 mm transparent
20x20 / 1,1 mm dark green
22x22 / 0,9 mm transparent
27x27 / 1,5mm black
40x40 / 1,4mm black
50 x 50 / 0,9mm transparent
50 x 50 / 0,9mm stone
100x100 / 2mm dark green

The warranty for damage of material by UV radiation is 5 years from the date of the invoice issue. Expected lifetime is 10 years or more.

Orders above 5000 m2 receive individual discounts.

We can even install nets for you. Installation is not included in the stated price of the net.

Installation material of the nets