Jargon of fish breeders

Bottom horsehair
bottom side of drag net (rope + load).
Top horsehair
top side of drag net (2 ropes + floats).
lateral sides of drag net which are also used to “guide” the net.
network part of a net.
machined wooden rod with a pin and a tip, used to install switch fences.
Twine (cord)
drag rope to a net.
Load line
called brokovka
cord with lead pellets, used as a load to nets.
Loop (called trak)
side rope loop at dragnets.
Sleeve (called tulej)
conical tube on hand-nets, long-handled dip nets, spinning… to attach the handle.
Balance (called prezmen)
coiner, mechanical, hanging balance.
hanging container (bowl) for weighing fish.
1. Hook to a net - is a tool with a handle for better guiding of the bottom horsehair during draught
2. Hook to an outlet box - is one or double-toothed tool with a handle for removing sluice boards.
Sluice board
is a board to an outlet box which is used to regulate the amount of water in a pond.
is younger hunter who usually pulls harder side of the net in water and mud.
is older hunter who pulls the side of the net along dike or tub area.
sis tone protection of dikes.
Outlet box
is used for pond draining by means of 1 line of sluice boards.
is used for pond draining by means of 2 lines of sluice boards.
Pond outlet
is used for pond draining by means of a conical plug which is vertically set into a socket of outlet pipe.
Strings (netting)
net part of hand-nets, long-handled dip nets, spinning.
frame of hand-nets, long-handled dip nets, spinning.
Hunting boots (“bottom boots”)
hip waders
Trouser boots (“chest boots”)
chest waders
Pond area called “kafiste”
reinforced area of the pond bottom which is used for better handling during pond harvesting.
Catch basin
deepest point placed near the outlet device of the pond where the fish are concentrated before the harvesting.
Punt stakes
stakes which are hammered about 150 cm apart, placed along the “issuing” bridge of tub area. They are used for securing the net after draught during “issuing”.
removing fish from the net.
Stamping (called brakovani)
fish sorting.
is about 45 cm long stake, made of soft wood which is used for a better grip of a seine net drag rope.
Plunge pools (pipeline)
outfall of the drain pipe under the pond dike.
Fish trap (called vrs)
cylindrical net trap used for trapping migrating fish.
Fish trap entry (called ouvrsek)
conical entry of the fish trap.
Dike protection (called hate)
dike protection made from willow branches and rods (nowadays made from stone).
1. Floating fry sorter with a grate (small fry can swim through, larger ones remain).
2. Hanging or floating net for keeping small quantity of fish or hanging insert made from uhelon, for feeding early stages of fry in troughs.
Balance (called ohnoutka)
small hanging balance usually used during fry and stock control.
fish fry hatching from eggs.
Control catch (called pruby)
trapping fish for control reasons at normal full water level.
Dressing up
overall preparation of the pond for harvesting.